From the Wedding March to the Reception - The Recitalists Make It Grand

Every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding.  The Recitalists provide beautiful music for your wedding before, during and after the ceremony.  Dr. Susan Wallace and Lafrida Preston can bring your dream wedding to life with their classical violin or violin and piano performances.  Imagine walking down the aisle to a classical piece of Violin and Piano Music - A Memory that will last a lifetime!

Dr. Susan Wallace was the featured violin soloist for two songs at our wedding and did just an absolutely amazing performance for us. Accompanied by Lafrida Preston on piano, Dr. Wallace’s music was so moving that MANY of our guests commented on the beautiful music. She made the music feel alive. Her violin sounded as if it were singing, emoting as if it were a person. I asked her to play “1,000 Years” by Christina Perry as the processional and “The Wedding Song” by Paul Stockey for a Family Flower Ceremony and I can’t say enough about the way she was able to embellish the music to completely set the most romantic background I could have imagined. And of course, she was totally professional in aspect. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Wallace.

Kathleen Blum

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