Our Story

Dr. Susan Wallace - Violinist

Dr. Susan Wallace is an accomplished violinist and a favorite among many audiences. She studied violin as a young child, performing consistently throughout the years. She attended the New England Conservatory in Boston, the Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia, and the University of Texas at Austin.

She’s a seasoned violinist who’s performed in many varied music festivals in the United States and throughout Europe. She maintains a private violin studio in Cary, N.C. known as “Strings and Bows.” She loves working with children and performing for them as well as for senior citizens and any audience who will benefit from the experience and learn to love, enjoy, and appreciate the skill and artistry of classical violin music. She strives to thrill and touch upon human emotions which can only be expressed through music.

Lafrida Preston - Pianist

Lafrida Preston has accompanied Dr. Wallace on piano for a number of years. The two are longtime friends and collaborate well on many projects. Lafrida’s keen musicianship wonderfully compliments Dr. Wallace’s playing and creates a unique and special performance. She is also the spokesperson for their concerts and her charm delights everyone in attendance. Lafrida is a native of Atlanta, Ga. but is of German descent and has taught and accompanied artists in Heidelberg Germany. She currently maintains a private piano studio in Raleigh and always accompanies Dr. Wallace’s students in recitals.