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We have had several excellent programs here at Atria Oakridge but your recent program was exceptional. Having participated in ensemble performances over the years, I was especially impressed with the musicianship of both you and Ms. Preston. The program presented was well planned with contrasting styles and a broad range of music for a gamut of appetites. As a vocalist, I was especially pleased with your lyrical singing quality and articulation on the violin. Your command of a variety of tone colors, dynamics and technic was very evident. Ms. Preston , at the keyboard, played with musical insight and a fine sense of ensemble with intellectual and emotional rapport. Together you brought a musical quality of unanimity and joy. Thank you for sharing your Musical Blessings. I look forward to an encore performance.

Constance M. Jessup,  NCTM

"I have had the privilege of hearing the expert playing of Dr. Susan Wallace. Truly a master at her craft, she is both skillful and bewitching as a performer. I am unable to fully express the wonder, joy and depth of emotion that is produced while experiencing her playing in concert.

Her repertoire is both varied and imaginative. She captures the essence of the composer, while balancing her own interpretation of the pieces that she plays.

Annamaria Cherian

I have had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Susan Wallace's violin playing on many occasions and each time her playing has evoked an emotional response from me. Dr. Wallace, through her many years of professional playing, provides her audience a musical experience, which evokes musical images, an audible language, and is capable of telling a story provided by her violin, the music that she is playing, which is deeply engaging. A beautiful experience, thank you Dr. Wallace

Timothy Kurmaskie Timothy Kurmaskie

The Recitalists were the perfect choice to have come perform at SearStone on Father’s Day! They offered a delightful program for our residents, who were able to enjoy concert hall quality music from the comfort of our Grand Ballroom. We will definitely have them back again!

Searstone Manager

The Recitalists is a concert duo of violin and piano. They perform formal classical violin recitals, with or without piano, that are typically one hour in length and appropriate for upscale retirement communities, collegiate or other concert series, music clubs, music connoisseurs, music festivals or wherever such a concert would be appreciated..Lengthier concerts are also possible.

The duo is flexible and can perform for special events such as wine tasting, receptions, parties, birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc. “The violin in her hands gives your special occasion just the right amount of drama, romance, or feeling it deserves.” They are located in the Raleigh / Cary area of North Carolina and are willing to travel to nearby areas for a minimal added expense.